Cast of Minor Characters

* Tong, owner of Lao Tong's Bakery
* Physician Qu, personal physician of Zhang Huizhong
* Teacher Ming, a kindly monk who runs a school for disadvantaged children

Meihua Chaguan
* Jiang, errand boy
- The Literati Girls
* Huang Meilin, the youngest (not related to Huang Zhiyuan), daughter of a lesser noble family
* Fang Lihua, the most opinionated (same age as Zhang Huiliang), daughter of a local magistrate and granddaughter of Governor Yu
* Ren Wenling, the kindest and oldest of the group, daughter of the supervisor of records in the court office and niece to a certain martial artist

Zhang Household and Extended Family
* Lady Zhang, wife of Official Zhang and Huizhong's mother
* Liang Mu, Huizhong's uncle and oldest brother of Lady Zhang who resides in the capital
* Kang, head maid of Zhang Huizhong's mother
* Mei, one of the maids at the Zhang household

Shen Household
* Lady Shen, wife of Official Shen
* Shen Yang, daughter of Official Shen

Slum Dwellers
* Wu, the owner of a hostel near New Market Street
* Zhao, a blacksmith
* The orphans: Xiaoxing(F), Xiaoyue(F), Xiaoyang(M)

Gang Members
* Those originally part of Li's gang: Hongmei(F), Lvhu(F), Tingshan(M)
* Those originally part of Guan's gang: Shunfeng (M), Liulang(M), Shunzi(M), Fanfan(F)

Ren-shifu's Academy
* Lao Ma, a middle-aged man who is the steward of Ren-shifu's household. He, his wife, and his son manage the household affairs while the shifu is busy making money off his students.

Eagle Peak Monastery
* Venerable Dong Guan, the zhuchi (abbot) of the monastery
* Yi Jian, a monk who performed rites at Zhang Huiliang's funeral and a Wood User
* Zhi Guan, a teacher of the beginning class at the monastery
* Fuxin, a loyal acolyte who has a penchant for mischief at times

* Choejor, a friendly sentry